The Crossover Approach

It's Black and White - Transparency
It all starts with a phone call.

From when we first interact to when you naturally select the candidates you want to acquire from us, openness and transparency are embedded into the very core of our service. 
At Crossover we know that your company's greatest asset is its employees. You want to attract and retain the best people through feedback and rewards because they are your competitive advantage. 
Market Insight
With our fingers on the pulse of the talent market within the Driving and Industrial sectors; we provide you with overall market insight such as shifting trends, pay scales, and even competitor activity.

This leads our clients to recognize that we have available talent ready, with full details of where to find the right people, how to contact them, salary rates, career expectations, past work experience and available skills set.
We Build an Ideal Employer Presence
We understand that not all SME and smaller businesses have the time and money to invest in developing and marketing an ideal employer presence, that is why we are determined to personally spend time getting to know you and some of your key managers.

We assess what it's like to work within your organization, the benefits and ultimately get a feel for your company's culture.

As a fully briefed recruitment partner this will allow us to showcase to candidates a real insight into your business and to represent you as an employer of choice and a forward thinking company.
Driving Process
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Staffing & Recruitment
Industrial Process
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Driving and industrial recruitment takes a lot of work,  yet we make it sound so easy!

So we took the time to outline an easy to follow process for you to understand the ins and outs of what we do.

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